Travel Trails By Martin B. Deutsch for 1965

martin December 1: WHY NOT TAKE A CRUISE?
Let's say you've got a week or two of vacation coming during the Christmas-New Year period. How do you plan to use it? Do a little work around the house, loaf, visit a sick relative, or maybe go on a skiing trip? We've got another alternative for your consideration--exciting, different, not overly expensive, and thoroughly delightful. Take a short cruise! By "short" we mean anything from a three-day round-trip between Miami and Nassau to fourteen days from Los Angeles to Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Or maybe a six- or seven-day sailing from New York City to Bermuda or Nassau, using the ship as a hotel while you spend several days swimming, sun-bathing, golfing, sight-seeing, shopping or just plain relaxing at one of these beguiling ports. The possibilities are many.

Everyone has heard of Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, that famous Los Angeles suburb, Disneyland, San Francisco, with its hills and cable cars, and the famous Las Vegas Strip. But only a Westerner knows–really knows–Reno-Tahoe. To many people, the mention of Reno conjures up a vision of a divorce mill, with a few casinos and night clubs to help the ladies while away their six-week waiting period. Lake Tahoe, on the other hand, is regarded as a winter ski center, a sort of a gateway to such places as the nearby Squaw Valley. My aim is to give you a more objective and accurate picture of the Lake Tahoe-Reno region. I know you'd find it a wonderful place to take a breather on a tour to the West.

October 1: HONG KONG HAS IT!
Mention Hong Kong and one person will think of Oriental mystery and intrigue, of international spies playing tag with secrets of the East and West. To another guy, Hong Kong will mean almond-eyes beauties of the night offering their favors. A third will think only of bargain-basement shopping. There are some grains of truth in all this, since Hong Kong is truly one of the most provocative and pulsating cities on the face of the earth. But these simplifications, and in some cases, distortions, miss the real drama and excitement of the beautiful British Crown Colony.

Go get yourself a ten-gallon hat, stow the missus and the young’uns into the covered wagon (I mean car), treat yourself to two weeks of solid vacation time, and join us this summer for a fantastic trek along the exciting and fabulous Old West Trail. Pardon those superlatives, pardner, but you’ll find them more than justified when you hit this scenic and historic trail which winds through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Just the names of these great frontier states conjure up exciting visions.

Within the last five years, in what must surely rank as one of the most amazing rags-to-riches sagas in the annals of travel history, the mantle of tourist supremacy has settled on the handsome tropical island of Puerto Rico. And the crown rests securely, without any challengers on the horizon, in the capital of San Juan, a city of many faces, which successfully blends impressive strides in commerce with even greater gains in the vacation market.

I think you and the wife, and especially the kids, would enjoy a visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial on North Carolina's Outer Banks. And while you're at it, you can plan to spend several weeks in the Tar Heel State for a truly wonderful vacation, with a wealth of historical and recreational attractions squeezed into the 500 miles between rugged Cape Hatteras on the Atlantic Coast, and the splendid Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains in the west.

A friend of mine recently agreed, reluctantly, to take his wife and two oldest children to Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia. When I saw him a few days after his return, I asked how he'd enjoyed his trip. "It was great for the kids," he said, "and their parents enjoyed it even more." He described Williamsburg as "visiting another world; like turning back the clock for two centuries."

Mountain peaks in endless formation pierce the sky and impale the drifting clouds; glaciers and ice fields reach down to the forests on the lower slopes; clear, green-blue lakes, filled with fish, reflect the splendor above; canyons and groves, rivers and streams round out the landscape, and an occasional town blends comfortably with nature's generous setting. The crisp, invigorating air alone is worth a visit. You don't have to go very far to get here either. We're not talking about the Himalayas, the Andes, or even the Alps. Just those superb Canadian Rockies, which are virtually around the corner for many North Americans. Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are our chief destinations.

Vancouver and Victoria, those two popular port cities in Canada's Southwest corner, make me think of another word beginning with "V"--vacation. I paid a short but memorable visit to both intriguing places just a few months back. By proximity, they are virtually sister communities--less than twenty minutes apart by air, under two hours by scenic ferry--but actually they are a study in contrasts.

Those inventive Yankees up in New England have cooked up an ideal, preplanned holiday for the American family on wheels. New England's famous Heritage Trail is a palatable vacation platter of scenery, recreation, art, music, sports, history and pleasure for you, the gal in your life and the offspring. The Heritage Trail encompasses hundreds of diverse visitor attractions in a sprawling rectangle, with Norwalk, Connecticut, at the southwestern corner; Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket on the southeast; Bar Harbor or Bangor, Maine, at the northeast limits, and Burlington, Vermont, in the northwest.

February 1: GO TO EUROPE IN 1965
This may well be the year for you and the family to take that trip to Europe. There are several sound and sensible reasons why 1965 may be the year to get that dream off the ground and get up and go. First, and most important, the price is right. You will be able to get to London and back this summer for only $300, flying in a 600-mile-per-hour DC-8 or Boeing 707.

Texas has recently embarked on a program to package its historic, scenic and other resources with an eye to developing a product long overlooked here--tourism. They want you and the wife and the kids to come down and share the wonders of America's second largest state with them. They do things in a big way down there and this tourist drive is no exception.

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