Up Front With Martin B. Deutsch for 2006

martin November 2: On the Road in New York? Here's Where I'm Eating Now.
Being a resident of the Big Apple for many decades, I can certainly appreciate what New York has to offer on the dining circuit. It is in this context that you will find the following four food critiques, spotlighting three old standbys on my dining rounds, as well as a quick look at a newcomer on the scene that made its debut last year in a unique museum setting.

August 31: Business Travel as Usual in Post-War Israel
In the unreal world of the Middle East, visitor traffic from the United States to Israel is almost back to normal. In previous years, any unrest would have led to massive cancellations or even a temporary suspension of flights to Israel. Not so this time. Continental Airlines, which flies twice a day from Newark to Tel Aviv, cancelled just one flight between June 15 and August 15. Delta, which flies from Atlanta to Tel Aviv, operated all 61 of its scheduled flights in the same period. And El Al, which flies from several U.S. gateways, operated without notable interruption.

June 1: Dr. Kevin M. Cahill's WMD Preparedness Guide
Dr. Kevin M. Cahill is one of the most accomplished physicians and humanitarians of our time. He's also been mentoring me on how to prepare for and react to a terrorist attack using one of the distressing numerous categories of weapons of mass destruction. It's an enlightening--and dare I say daunting and sometimes worrisome--process.

February 22: Back to the Future of Business Travel
All of the academics say that history repeats itself and they are probably right. About this time in 1992, I wrote a column that appeared in Frequent Flyer magazine. It cited ten reasons why 1991 had been the worst travel year ever. Just about all of those depressing factors remain in play today. So join me for a glimpse back 15 years, a glimpse back to the future.

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