Up Front With Martin B. Deutsch for 2005

martin December 22: A Mini-Memoir II: 50 Years and Few Regrets
Last week, in part one of this reminiscence, I covered some of the critical milestones of the first half of my first 50 years in travel journalism. In part two, I cover the rest of the saga thus far. It ranges from the dawn of the now-grounded supersonic era to the pervasive worldwide climate of terrorism.

December 15: A Mini-Memoir: 50 Years and Few Regrets
From the dawn of the jet age to airline deregulation and now the era of terrorism. That is the ultimate birds-eye view of my 50 years in travel journalism and publishing, a milestone I have reached without the slightest desire to acknowledge. I was on the first commercial jet across the Atlantic, the first 747 delivery flight and was in Havana when Castro arrived.

June 9: A Victory for Common Sense and Taxpayers
The newest names in my pantheon of political heroes are Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno. Unless you live in New York, you don't know these guys. But travelers should: They have not only struck a big blow for common sense and taxpayer rights, but they also have saved the nation from the financial train wreck of an Olympic Games in 2012.

March 17: Eating With the Locals: Where New Yorkers Dine Now
Once upon a time, when the world was my oyster, I would sample far-flung and exotic cuisine wherever it originated. These days, however, my tastes are more parochial and I sample more conventional kitchens in the New York area. Few of these are high-profile tourist places, so when you come to the Big Apple to entertain, you can amaze and delight your New York contacts by seeming totally conversant with where New Yorkers actually eat!

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